VideoSends For Education

Use VideoSends to record illustrative videos that engage and educate students outside the physical classroom. 
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Why do educators use VideoSends?

Personalized Understanding

Virtual Engagement

Streamlined Collaboration


Screen record and add a voiceover

Record informative video messages

Share recorded videos on social media

Embed videos in websites, and blog posts

Share videos on the go with select users

Use the teleprompter to create scripted video messages

Share videos externally with users

Who is it for?

Promote individualized learning and create engaging content that meets each student’s needs no matter how they learn best.



Online lecture delivery is made easy with VideoSends.

Industry experts


Video course instructors
Use the screen record feature to share your screen and create knowledgeable videos for online courses to share with a broad audience effortlessly.
Share your industry expertise at ease by creating unique videos with VideoSends.
“If you aren’t already using VideoSends to create videos for your student, this is your sign to start! It’s super user-friendly and makes it so much easier to deliver information to your students!”
Roger Patron
Freelance SEO Expert

Instructional videos made easy

Individualised Learning

Cater to your students’ individual needs with lessons that can be paused, played, and rewound. 

Get Valuable Feedback

Use the "Request Video" feature to answer FAQs on the go and stay-up-date on lessons.

Create Educational Content

Record your screen, add a voiceover or even create scripted lessons with the teleprompter- producing educational content has never been this easy.

Other ways to use VideoSends

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