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Create unique videos to build better customer relationships, foster team synchronization, and encourage growth
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Why do marketing teams use VideoSends?

Simplified Promotion

Streamlined Collaboration

Effortless Outreach


Capture what is on your screen and add a voiceover

Record personalized video messages

Easily share videos on social media platforms

Embed videos in websites, blog posts and emails

Promote team sync through video messaging

Teleprompter helps create scripted video messages

Share videos externally with customers

Who is it for?

Use VideoSends to create impactful videos that keep your audience immersed.

Social Media Marketers


Facebook groups are an up-and-coming method of product marketing that allows companies to engage with potential clients and close deals directly. Facebook group admins and moderators can leverage the power of high-impact video messaging through VideoSends to share knowledge, interact and build lasting relationships with group members. 
Create and share personalized and informative videos to engage and grow your server audience. 

Marketing Team


Create customized video messages and pitch to customers to streamline product promotion and content marketing.

Affiliate Marketers


Influencer Marketing
Share your screen and record to create in-depth walkthroughs and product reviews. Use the Video Request Feature to capture valuable customer feedback.
“My Facebook group started multiplying when I started recording and sharing informative videos on 'How to run successful email campaigns' through VideoSends.” 
Margo Lyons
Digital Marketer, OutreachBin

Content creation made easy

Capture audience

Capture and keep your customers' attention by recording and sharing valuable information on the go.

Create engaging content

Hit the "Create Video" button and use the teleprompter to create scripted product demos and distinctive marketing videos.

Simplify product marketing

Record creative videos using VideoSends and use it in social media and email marketing campaigns.

Other ways to use VideoSends

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