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Stand out, boost sales, and amplify customer experience with easy-to-make personalized videos.
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Why do sales teams choose VideoSends?

Better Engagement

Simple Onboarding

Improved Outreach


Screen record with voiceover

Video messaging with voiceover

Share recorded videos on social media

Share recorded videos as an embed

Share recorded video with your team

Teleprompter tool used to record scripted videos

Share videos externally to prospects

Who is it for?

Sales teams use VideoSends to build and sustain unique connections from the get-go. 

VideoSends for Sales and Outreach


Sales Teams
Sales teams can Hit the Create Video button to record personalized video messages to elevate your sales outreach. Create welcome videos, provide critical feedback, and recap information after lengthy meetings to close deals quicker, and make your customer feel valued. 
Online Businesses
Use VideoSends to create product demos, website walkthroughs and onboarding videos.

Web Developers


Tester Softwares can use Videosends to documents bugs

Customer Support


Sends issues and solutions via VideoSends as text conversations can be very elongated and confusing.
“VideoSends has made the back and forth with potential clients so much easier. I can answer client queries on the go with their screen record and voiceover option.”
Tim Stevenson
Co-Founder, Figmafy

Elevate your sales outreach

Make it personal

Use the teleprompter feature to record personalized, scripted sales videos that boost conversions.

Eliminate hurdles

Provide meaningful, clear, and concise responses to customer queries to keep conversations focused.

Close deals faster

Capture your offerings in an easy-to-comprehend video message and share to close deals effortlessly.

Other ways to use VideoSends

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