VideoSends For Management

Leverage the power of flexible video making to manage workload and promote team synchronization. 
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Why Video Sends

Streamlined Communication

Simplified Collaboration

Team Synchronization


Record your screen to provide clear feedback

Record instructional videos for the team

Share the recorded video on social media

Share the video as an embed in emails, etc

Share the video internally with team members

Record Meetings for easy recap

Who is it for?

Use VideoSends to share valuable feedback and instructions on the go to stay in sync with the rest of your team. 

Team Leaders


Staying on top of the to-do list, assigning tasks, and ensuring the tasks are completed in due time when you're running a team of 5+ people can be chaotic. Stay in sync with the rest of your team with easy-to-use video messaging from VideoSends.

Remote Businesses


Make WFH effortless by sharing valuable feedback and ideas and communicating back and forth through simple video messaging with Videosends. 

Virtual Assistant


Create simple video messages and record your screen to provide your virtual assistants with clear instructions to ensure no missed information through emails or text conversations. 
“I manage a team of 80+ people based in 4 different countries. Managing and assigning tasks was utter chaos. People were misunderstanding instructions, and information was getting lost in translation. VideoSends has helped us a lot in bridging this information gap.”
Tobias Scott
Founder, Polyuno

Make management a breeze

Simplified information delivery

Deliver information on the go and bridge any information gap by levering the power of simple video messaging.

Easy Recap

Record meetings for an easy recap and prioritize tasks. Circle back quickly and provide valuable feedback through videos.

Promote Team Alignment

Ensure team synchronization by providing timely feedback, prioritizing tasks quickly, and staying on top of the task list.

Other ways to use VideoSends

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