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February 20, 2022

How Long Can You Screen Record? The Odds Of Lengthy Videos

Ever seen YouTube channels of gamers where you can watch them play? Yes, that’s screen recording. Screen recording lets you capture your screen. Whether it is an online meeting or a class, screen recording gives you the opportunity of playback in the future.

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The most obvious question that comes to people’s minds about screen recording is- how long can you screen record? Well, the answer depends on several variables.

In this article, you will learn-


  • Every screen recording software does not let you record your screen for unlimited time.
  • However, screen recording for a long time depends on several factors.
  • Editing is a crucial part of screen recording.
  • Professionals should use collaborative, easy-to-use screen recording software to capture screens more efficiently.

How Long Can You Screen Record?

There is a plethora of screen recording software. But all of them do not allow you to screen records for an indefinite time. However, if you pick the right software, it will capture your screen as long as you want.

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However, these following factors can impede your screen recording-

File Size

Large files create several problems. Firstly they are very clunky; you will need a lot of storage space to store them. Likewise, they are challenging to transfer. These occurrences create problems for future playback.

Indeed you will find software that will let you record for endless time. But, think of it, can you post it on several social media platforms?

Platforms like YouTube’s let you post millennia-long videos. But there are platforms like Instagram that have a time restriction on videos.

Either way, you have to be aware of the time restrictions of your chosen platform and spend time behind editing and minimizing the video as much as possible.


Resolution is a significant factor when it comes to screen recording. The resolution you want in your screen recording depends on the settings of your monitor and video recorder as well.

However, the high-resolution video takes up a lot of hardware storage space as the file size increases due to resolution.

Storage Limitations

The amount of data you can store on your hardware or the platform you are using for screen recording is something you should consider. If you are using free software, they will restrict your file size. However, even if you are not, you will face a storage limitation from your hardware.

Hence, to avoid these situations, be aware of your storage limitations and software restrictions before beginning your screen recording. It lets you be prepared and keep alternatives at hand.

However, if you are doing this for professional purposes, let’s say, if you are a YouTuber, never mess up with the resolution and file quality. That is never the option. Hence, it is better to subscribe to paid software and keep an eye out for your hardware space.

Software Limitations

Only free software restricts your time while screen capturing. The commercial software does not impose any restrictions. Instead, it gives a lot of other benefits. If you do not want to face such conditions, choose an efficient paid tool like VideoSends.

Editing for Conciseness

It is the hard part, editing. Ideally, after you screen record, you should edit your video. You should always research your audience and see what they love to gain better reach. Edit your videos for briefness and edit them for your audience. Take into account:

  • Your Viewers Are Busy

This is the most crucial thing to bear in mind. Your viewers have limited time to watch your videos. Hence, even if you get the privilege of screen capturing as long as you want, don’t do it.

Instead, break your video into two or three parts. In that way, your viewers will feel more connected with you. Besides, you will not lose their attention and make them watch it till the end.

  • Consider Cutting Out All The Dead Space

Let’s say you are making a video game tutorial. Maybe you die one or two times before you finally succeed. Or perhaps while recording a webinar, there is a lot of dead space. You don’t need to bring those times when nothing takes place. Simply cut them out of your video.

Otherwise, your viewers will feel less attached to you, and boredom will take over. Moreover, it will extend your file size for no fruitful reason.

  • The Loading Time Can Change The Game

People nowadays watch videos on the go, on their phones. If your videos take more than a few seconds to load, people can shift their minds and watch something else instead.

The larger your file size is, the longer it will require to upload. This can cause you to lose your views and audience.

Does Mac Allow You To Screen Record With An External Camera?

Creatives have always favored Mac. Well, they have reasons. Mac allows you to do more creative stuff, especially with videos.

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Whether it is a video for social media, feature film, or a home movie Mac provides benefits that you can utilize and create professional visuals.

There are different ways of screen recording on Mac. You can use their built-in features or go for screen recording using an external camera.

Capture Your Screen Faster With VideoSends!

VideoSends is a fantastic screen recording software that can be used for professional and personal purposes. You can directly add your team members and work together from different places. Moreover, the interface is user-friendly; hence, your teammates will quickly get hold of it.

Source: VideoSends

The software also lets you live stream. Therefore, your audience gets to communicate with you in real-time.

screenshot videosends
Source: VideoSends

The editing process is a piece of cake. Besides, you get to share the videos directly from the software after editing. This lets you build a social media community in no time. Let’s take a look at the features and downside of this software-


  • User-friendly interface
  • The built-in noise cancellation feature
  • Unlimited storage
  • Provides analytics and viewer insights
  • No storage restriction
  • Built-in folder option to edit videos later
  • Visual effects and font options for texts to make videos more captivating


  • No feature available for adding sound effects

Still not sure if you should sign up? Well, the accessible version of VideoSends lets you create up to 25 five-minute videos. So, what’s the loss? Subscribe today and engage with your audience with amazing videos.

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