Everything You Need To Know About Online Video Recording Software

Have you ever tried video recording for your PC? There are many reasons, such as creating a video tutorial for a better and more intuitive presentation. You can record a video that you can't download or record a real-time video to share things with your friends on social media.

video recording
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Gone are the days when video recording required a high-end graphics tool. Instead, there are tons of video recording software available in the market. In addition, video capture software is now extremely simple to use and allows you to record almost anything on your computer.

Video recorders help store and transmit data from one person to another. However, these recorders vary based on their functionalities and features. So, it depends on you which one you choose to satisfy your requirements.

In this article, we have listed the top 10 online video recording software to help you choose the best one as per your requirements.

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What Is Video Recording Software?

A Video recording software for your computer allows you to record your screen, webcam, or both simultaneously. You can quickly record videos for your clients, provide project feedback, and annotate issues with visuals rather than text. It maintains all of the advantages of an in-person connection, including voice and visuals. It also allows you to consume content at your leisure.

recording software
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These tools can be highly beneficial to business professionals, as they allow users to easily share everything they see on their computer screens, increasing productivity and efficiency. Video recording software is most commonly used to demonstrate tasks, troubleshoot issues, and create user-friendly tutorials.

While many video recording tools are available for free, some paid ones may provide additional features and functionality. So, based on your platform and requirements, select them wisely.

What Factors To Consider In A Video Recording Software?

Most people assume that because video recording tools simply record videos directly from a screen, the quality will be similar to what is displayed. Unfortunately, that isn't the case as the output is captured in video format, which is subject to a variety of other factors that can degrade its quality.

If you want to start improving the quality of your video recording, you should first learn about the factors that influence them:


The resolution of your video will determine how well it is defined. So, higher resolutions are preferred. However, unlike traditional videos, the resolution of the display you're recording from will limit you.

Simply put, the maximum resolution you can record is the full-screen resolution of your display. If you record a smaller portion of your screen, the resolution will be lower. For example, if you have a 1080p display, the only way to record a 1080p video is to capture the entire screen.

Frame Rate

Another vital factor to think about is the video's frame rate. Videos are typically recorded at a frame rate. If you increase this, it will make your video look much smoother.

Recording at a higher frame rate will require more system resources, but the payoff is well worth it. It's also worth noting that the file size of your video will increase as well.

Audio quality

Many factors influence audio quality. You should try to stick to the basics by keeping your microphone still. Minimizing background noise and adjusting the audio levels if possible. If you're going to be recording audio regularly, it might be a good idea to invest in a better microphone.

How To Choose An Video Recording Software?

You need to consider a few factors before you go for your video recording software. Here we have listed the major points that you should follow:


The importance of convenience. Is it simple to operate? Was it designed with the inexperienced user in mind? Before you choose, make sure you understand what you're getting yourself into.

You'll be regretful if you choose a tool that you can't figure out how to use on your own. On the other hand, you don't want to be forced to seek assistance from someone more knowledgeable. So, select wisely.


Is the screen-recording software paid or free? Is there anything in the fine print? Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for some features to be restricted by a paywall.

Free trial periods are available for some screen-recording software tools, but there is a catch. You either get limited features or have a video length limit or both. Everything else you might use would be an extra cost.

Other similar tools with free trials are much simpler and provide unlimited access to all of their features. Make sure you understand all of the terms and conditions before signing up for a free trial.

Editing Capabilities

You must ensure that the editing capabilities meet your requirements.

Some apps include editing tools or even a complete editor, but don't assume this is true for all of them.

Some apps allow you to review the recording and make edits, while others don't. It's preferable to have editing software. Make sure you've done your homework, so you're not taken by surprise.


Unless you're recording for your own and don't intend to share the video, sharing is an important consideration when selecting a video recording tool.

You can save the recording as a GIF, MP4, or a variety of other video file formats once it's finished. After that, you can upload it to YouTube, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Options vary depending on the tool. So you don't end up with a recording you'd like to share but can't. Instead, find the one that will work for you.

What Are The Top Online Video Recording Tools?

Now that you already know all the aspects of video recording software let’s jump into the list of top tools.


VideoSends is a convenient platform for video recording. It has a user-friendly interface and can work perfectly with any video you like.

Videosends Home Page Online Video Recording Software
Source: videosends.com

It has a screen record and camera record feature. You can use it directly from your device without installing any software. Moreover, you can share live stream your video to better engage your audience through VideoSends. It provides unlimited storage space for your recordings.

The videos you record here are easily editable. So, you can personalize your videos as per your needs. VideoSends also have the sharing feature to instantly share your videos on any platform.


Webcam Recorder from Movavi is a simple and easy online video recorder for capturing webcam video and microphone audio. It's compatible with all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

Movavi Home Page Online Video Recording Software
Source: www.movavi.com

In addition, it's effortless to set up in just a few clicks, making it ideal for beginners. This online webcam recorder can be used for various purposes, including recording calls and conferences.


ShareX is open-source, free recording software with many of the same features as premium, paid software.

ShareX Homepage Online Video Recording Software
Source: getsharex.com

It is a free-to-use application currently only available for Windows and Linux. Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 are all supported.

Users can save videos in various file formats or simply upload them to sites like Google Photos, Imgur, ImageShack, Flickr, and Twitter. You can also save recordings as animated GIFs.


Webcamera.io is another popular online camera recorder that has attracted many users over the years due to its outstanding performance and versatility. You can use this online video recorder to take pictures, record webcam video with audio, and more.

webcamera.io Online Video Recording Software
Source: webcamera.io

You can save completed videos to your computer or an online drive like Google Drive or Dropbox, and it's entirely free to use in your browser. Webcamera.io's files are also completely secure, and there are some fun extra features to experiment with.


Clipchamp is a high-quality, completely free online video recorder. It does not require any download or installation. You can use this tool for free to record unlimited 480p videos or upgrade to a premium plan to remove the watermark and record in higher quality.

Clipchamp Homepage Online Video Recording Software
Source: clipchamp.com

Clipchamp is a recorder and editor in one. It allows you to take a video online and then improve your clips with effects, sound, and other editing tools like trimming, merging, rotating, and so on. After that, you can either upload it to YouTube or save it to your device.


GoPlay is the Windows version of ScreenFlow. It has similar capabilities, making it a one-stop shop for video recording, editing, and publishing. Users can also record and edit videos within the GoPlay software. It has a wide range of built-in video editing tools and supports 4K-60fps recording, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

Users can record their screens in regular apps and games and their webcams, using GoPlay's PIP recording feature. You can also record audio to make a complete video all at once.

After the video has been recorded, GoPlay's basic and advanced editing tools, including trimming, transitions, text animations, and more, can be used to edit it quickly. Users can also choose from various filters and apply them to videos with just one click.

Another helpful feature is that users can easily create closed captions for their videos, and the process is simple and intuitive.


Camtasia is one of the most popular video recording and editing programs on the market today. It's filled with fantastic features that users can use to create professional-quality videos with relative ease, all from within a single piece of software.

Camtasia Homepage Online Video Recording Software
Source: techsmith.com/video

Camtasia is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. It works with Windows 10 and also macOS 10.14 and later. In addition, it accepts a variety of file types.

Camtasia can create high-quality videos with advanced editing tools by following a simple workflow. Camtasia also comes with templates and presets to help with video editing.

Users can export the videos in various file formats or directly upload them to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast, or a custom website once this is done.


Screencastify is a simple and easy-to-use Chrome extension that allows Chrome browser users to record videos quickly. It may be lacking in features, but it does the job impressively. It enables users to record, trim, annotate, and share videos easily.

Screencastify Homepage Online Video Recording Software
Source: screencastify.com

Because Screencastify is a Chrome extension rather than a standalone program, it works on any device running Google Chrome. There is also a free version with all of the same features.

Users can also embed their webcam into the screen recording video to create a picture-in-picture display with Screencastify. Screencastify videos can be exported as MP4, animated GIF, or MP3 files.


Covideo is a video recording application directed at business, marketing, and customer service professionals. It assists professionals in creating a personalized video that can primarily be shared via email.

Covideo Homepage Online Video Recording Software
Source: covideo.com

Covideo is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It offers a 7-day free trial version. After that, the paid version starts at $69 per month per user.

Users can easily record their screens and webcams with Covideo. The iOS and Android apps even allow users to register themselves using their cameras. It enables them to create videos on the fly for customized, personalized email responses.

Covideo also allows for basic video editing, a custom video player, and the addition of captions to videos.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the most popular video streaming and recording programs on the market. It is frequently referred to as the most powerful screen capture tool. It comes with everything a user needs to live-stream themselves playing games or doing anything else on their device. It's the software of choice for most YouTube and Twitch streamers.

Obs Studio Online Video Recording Software
Source: obsproject.com

OBS Studio is a free and open-source application. It's compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. For gamers and content creators alike, it's a full-featured, professional streaming, recording, and editing solution. It is quite complex and requires some practice to use and master.

Wrapping Up

By now, you already know why you need online video recording software. It’s time to select the right software that best serves your needs.

If you are still unsure which one to select, you can go with VideoSends. VideoSends is a user-friendly recording platform that allows you to record anything on any device. It also allows you to customize the video and share it in seconds.

So, what do you have to lose? Sign up now to instantly record, edit, and share your video!

The Easiest Guide To Record Video On Mac With External Camera

Have you ever wanted to record a video on a Mac? Perhaps you want to record a special moment, a quick video note, a video for social media, or any other reason. Using the FaceTime camera and a built-in app, you can easily record video on Mac.

Grayscale Photo of Person Using MacBook to Record Video On Mac With External Camera
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However, many Mac users find it challenging to use the built-in camera. The solution for it would be recording videos with an external camera. This process can be an easy and efficient one.

If you’re wondering how to do that, read the article to find the easiest guide to record video on Mac with an external camera.


What Is Video Recording Feature On Mac?

Video recording means any recording, on medium, where you can see moving images, and that is associated with sound-track. In the videos, you can see what is happening in real-time, which helps you better understand the scenario.

video recording on Mac
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The recording video feature is an excellent feature that lets you show what you want to convey. You might want to teach your student a complex mathematical formula, but only audio is a no-no. You want to show your friend how to wear a tie, record that with your device, and bang on!

For creatives, the Mac has always been the first choice. It simply does more creative things than anything else. One of these things is video. So whether you're making a short video to share on social media, editing a home movie, or putting together a feature film, Mac lets you create professional-looking visuals.

When it comes to video recording on Mac, there are various ways to achieve that. You can use built-in apps or an external camera. In this article, we will be focussing on the external camera’s ability to record a video.

What Are The Ways To Record Video On Mac With External Camera?

To record a video with an external camera, the first thing you’ll have to do is connect it to a MacBook with a cable, then select it as the video source from the Photo Booth program's list of options. After that, you can start recording a video on Mac with an external webcam using this screen recorder. During the recording, you have complete control over the audio source.

Here are the ways how can record video with an external camera:

Use QuickTime To Record Video

A great option is to use Apple's QuickTime Player, a multimedia application. Because of its versatility can be used as a video editor to trim, rotate, split, and merge video clips.

recording with quicktime
Source: Wondershare Democreator

You can also use it to record what's going on in front of your screen and your external webcam. Then, you only need to click a few buttons to upload your recordings to various platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok, and Facebook.

Here are the simple steps how you can capture video using QuickTime:

Step 1: On the Mac, launch QuickTime Player.

Step 2: Change the Video Recording Devices and Preferences.

Make a screen recording

If you want to record your screen, follow these steps.

To start a new screen-recording session, go to File > New Screen Recording. To select the microphone for recording videos on Mac, click the arrow next to the red dot that appears.

Make a note of it. You can either click to record the entire screen or drag to select a specific zone to record.

If you want to record your face and screen, follow these steps.

To enter the movie screen window, tap View and then New Movie Recording. This window can be placed in any corner of your Mac's screen. You can also change the size of the box by dragging one of its corners.

Use iMovie To Record Video

Another good option is to capture video with iMovie. With iMovie, you can record your face and do some editing too.

Imovie for  Record Video On Mac
Source: apple-imovie.en.softonic.com

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Begin a new project.

After you've opened iMovie on your Mac, go to Project and then to the top left corner of the interface. Select Movie by pressing the + button. After that, you'll be asked to select a theme and give your newly created project a name. You choose No Theme because your goal is to record videos. Then you select Create.

Step 2: Turn on the iMovie Recorder option.

Select the FaceTime HD camera or other external cameras you'd like to use to record your face from the Import Media menu.

Step 3: Use iMovie to record video on your Mac.

To record videos on your Mac, click the red dot icon. Click the red dot icon once more to stop the recording. Finally, close the import window to watch the video you've recorded.

iMovie doesn't allow you to record webcam videos on Mac. The options to shift the recording format, resolution, and other preferences are not available.

Use Photo Booth To Record Video

You can capture video with the photo booth using an external camera. The steps are written below:

Step 1: Opening the photo booth,

Then, select the camera film icon which will ensure that you are recording videos rather than photos.

Step 2: Press and hold the red record button. After a 3-second countdown, Photo Booth will start recording videos on your Mac.

You can't use Photo Booth to record video and audio from an external microphone. In addition, changes to the recording range, quality, or format are not permitted.

Record Video Online

If you’re not willing to download any software or use any tool for video recording, there are some options for you too. For example, you can record videos online using veed or webcam test.

Record With Veed

Veed is one of the most potent online webcam recorders because it allows you to add a variety of different elements to your videos. For example, when editing the video you recorded, you can use the progress bar, sound wave, Emojis, and shapes.

Source: veed.io

The various layouts allow you to arrange the content of your videos according to your specific requirements. Furthermore, being free to use, this online tool does not limit the number of videos you can record. You can use Veed to optimize your work if you plan to upload the video you recorded to social media.

Here are the steps to do that:

Step 1: Go to the page and choose "Webcam" from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: To begin the recording process, click the red button. When you've finished recording, click that button once more.

Step 3: Review the video you recorded, edit it if you need that, and click the "Export" button to get your video file.

Record With Webcam Test

In the webcam test, you can choose whether you only want to record videos or also want to record voice from your microphone before you start recording. It can detect the highest camera resolution and produce high-quality videos.

Webcam Test Recorder is a video recorder that runs in the background and allows you to switch between tabs or minimize your browser while recording.

Here are the ways to capture video with webcam test:

Step 1: Visiting the page, adjust the webcam recorder options to your preferences.

Step 2: You have to select Start recording from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: You can watch your video again using stop recording. You can either download it or start over with a new video.

Use Screen Recorder To Record Video

You can record your screen on Mac using a screen recorder. Here are the simple steps to do that:

screen recorder
Source: www.apowersoft.com

Step 1: Turn on the built-in screen recorder.

To activate your Mac's native screen recorder, press Command - Shift -5 on your keyboard.

Step 2: Choose a video recording location.

To record activity across the entire Mac screen, click the Fullscreen Record button; to record activity in a specific area, click the Selection Record button and drag the recording box.

Step 3: The Mac's built-in recorder can be used to record videos.

To begin recording videos on your Mac, click anywhere on the screen or press Record. To stop the recording, press Stop or Command–Control–Esc.

Use VideoProc Converter To Record Video

VideoProc Converter provides you with lots of recording features. Let’s look at them:

videoproc converter
Source: malavida.com
  1. You can record yourself, your screen, or both.
  2. You can record your entire screen or just a portion of it.
  3. Record videos using Mac's built-in camera and microphone or an external camera and microphone.
  4. Zoom meetings, WhatsApp calls, and other videos/voice calls can all be recorded.
  5. Finally, edit the video for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram sharing.

Here’s how you can capture videos with it:

Step 1: Turn on the Recorder option.

On your Mac, open the VideoProc Converter and select Recorder to access the screen recording panel. Set up a folder for saving the recorded video on Mac by clicking the Browse option on the right of the Output Folder.

Step 2: Decide on what you'd like to record.

To record your Mac screen, go to the top of the interface and press Desktop. To record your camera and screen at the same time, go to Camera > Desktop & Camera.

Step 3: Establish a Recoding Range.

VideoProc Converter records the entire Mac screen by default. Let's say you only want to capture a portion of the screen. Find crop at the bottom of the recording window. Define the area you want to record by clicking and dragging on your screen.

Select all available microphones by pressing the arrow icon next to Microphone to record sound. Select the required option.

Enable the System Sounds to record the computer's voice.

Step 4: Begin the recording process.

To record videos on your Mac, press REC. To end the video recording, press the red button in the top right corner and select Stop Recordings. On the right, you can see the Zoom recording.

Use Zoom For Recording Meeting

Zoom allows you to record your essential meetings efficiently.

zoom meeting
Source: blog.zoom.us

Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Start a new meeting.

To install Zoom on your Mac, go to the Zoom official site, find the Zoom install pack, download it, and follow the setup instructions. After that, open it up and select New Meeting. The footage from your webcam is now visible in the conference window.

Step 2: Record your screen with or without your face.

To record the screen and webcam, follow these steps: Open the folders where you want to save your recordings. Return to Zoom and select the target screen you want to share by pressing Share Screen. The shared screen will take up the entire display. Next, locate the small box that displays your face and drag it to any location on the shared screen.

Step 3: Begin recording videos with sound on your Mac.

To begin recording videos on your Mac, go to More and select Record or Record to this Computer from the menu bar. Record to the Cloud is an option for paid users who want to record and save videos to their Mac.

Final Tips For Video Recording On Mac

You'll need to follow these additional, helpful tips if you truly want to master the art of how to record video on a Mac.

The majority of Mac recordings have a resolution of 480p x 720p. You have to determine if you require a higher resolution or not.

Wrapping Up

By now, you already know to record video as a Mac user. Now, it’s time to customize and edit it to grab your receiver's attention.

Recording with built-in features of your device doesn’t give you many options to edit. If you’re looking to personalize your videos, VideoSends would be the right solution.

VideoSends is a user-friendly recording platform that allows you to record anything on any device. It also allows you to customize the video and share it in seconds.

So, what do you have to lose? Sign up now to instantly record, edit, and share your video!

How to Build Company Culture With Video Messages (+3 Best Practices To Follow)

One of the most effective ways of showcasing your company culture to the rest of the world is by making company culture videos. However, it is quite easy to get them wrong and completely divert from your core message.

three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard
Photographer: Austin Distel | Source: Unsplash

The best approach to highlighting your company in the recruitment market is to emphasize its culture.

Company culture sets the tone for your workplace and has a significant influence on employee happiness in their current position. It explains who you are and what you stand for to potential employers. It establishes expectations, making it easy to determine whether or not you're a good fit.

So, if you want to learn how to make effective culture videos for your company, keep reading.

What Is A Company Culture Video?

Company culture videos are all about displaying your brand's culture and personality for prospects, customers, and future employees. They assist in showcasing a narrative for your brand so that people are enthusiastic to work with you or for you.

Candidates that are actively considering you as an employer might learn a lot about your company culture by watching videos.

Candidates can make better, more educated career selections if they are honest about what it's like to work at your firm. This translates to more employee engagement, lower turnover, and increased productivity and profit for the company.

Effective employee branding and talent marketing material allow the ideal applicants to create an emotional bond with your company's culture, converting viewers into committed candidates.

Candidates will imagine themselves as employees, roaming the hallways and experiencing those encounters with those stories as coworkers.

Benefits Of Company Culture Videos

The advantages you'll get from your cultural video(s) may vary depending on the purpose for which you're making the film. For instance, a holiday video will have different goals and advantages than a recruitment video.

However, there are some common advantages that all culture videos provide. These include:

In the end, it's all about developing brand loyalty.

You want to demonstrate who you are as a brand and what you stand for so that people want to work with you because they know and like you. Video, more than any other media, allows you to communicate your culture more directly.

Where To Use Culture Videos To Highlight Your Company

You may share your company culture videos with your audience in a ton of different ways. But which ones are the most effective?

Social Media

Because of the targeting capabilities available on social media, cultural videos may be shared via social channels and social advertisements. Whatever the purpose of your video, you may reach the right audience on your own channels or through sponsored advertisements.

If your culture video is part of a recruitment campaign, be sure to post it on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.


Your email list also allows you to segment your audience, allowing you to share corporate culture videos with the individuals who are most likely to be interested.

In your customer acquisition process, a cultural video may be a wonderful complement to an early email. A culture video can be exactly the thing to keep a new subscriber on the path to becoming a client if they don't know you yet.

Website & Blogs

Your website is an excellent location for posting culture videos. However, you must select the appropriate part of your website based on the objectives of the cultural video you produce.

For instance, if you run a service-based company and your company culture video explains why people should work with you, it could make sense to put it on your site. However, if it's a recruitment video, the homepage isn't the best place to put it.

Your website's "About Us" section, as well as your "Careers" page and blog, are excellent places to include culture videos.

4 Types Of Company Culture Videos You Should Know About

Workplace Culture Videos

These videos mainly serve the purpose of showcasing your company's culture and work atmosphere, but these aren't just targeted at future employees. Before determining whether or not to collaborate with you, prospective customers and partners may want to learn more about your company culture.

Common ideas for workplace culture videos typically include "A day in the life" videos, in which you depict a typical day at work. Another example could be 'talking head' videos, in which you interview people, which are both excellent ideas for workplace culture videos.

About Page Videos

About page videos try to accomplish the same goals as your about page texts but in a more friendly and digestible format.

LinkedIn Netflix Video Page
Source: LinkedIn

It's a fantastic area to tell the narrative of your company's beginnings or to showcase any noteworthy achievements, honors, or statistics. You may also want to introduce some of your workers to put a human face on your company.

HR & Recruitment Videos

Workers, future employees, and new recruits are addressed directly in HR and recruitment videos.

Culture videos might be used for orientation, internal notifications, or workplace celebrations and achievements by a personnel team. Recruiting videos provide show what it's like to work at your firm to entice qualified candidates to apply.

Keep in mind that a recruitment video isn't only about showcasing your abilities. It's all about giving a clear image of your company's culture so you can attract applicants who will fit in well with your team.

Vacation/Holiday Videos

The holidays are a fantastic time to be creative with your coworkers. These scripted videos are ideal for social media and may generate a lot of interest and exposure. Winter holidays and Halloween are popular choices, but other businesses find that videos for Mother's Day, Father's Day, and other occasions work well.

How To Make Culture Videos That Stand Out

Define What Your Company Is About

Your company stands for something - it isn’t just about revenue, lead conversions, or profit. Now, pinpointing what exactly your company’s identity is can be difficult. This seems like a vague concept, but we can simplify it using 4 metrics.

1. Mission

Every great business begins with a mission. Your mission is a brief and unambiguous description of your major, long-term goals that should drive every choice your company makes.

2. Vision

Consider how you'll achieve your goal once you've worked out your purpose. Your company's vision defines the desired impact on your community and industry.

3. Values

These are the moral principles that your workers follow, as well as the behaviors that your firm represents. When your employees are in a bind, they may go to your business values for direction.

4. Culture

Your corporate culture is formed by combining your firm's vision, mission, and values. As a result, each culture is distinct from the others.

Focus On Core Values

It is impossible to make an effective video by trying to tell too many stories at once. Make sure you don't overload your viewers. If you want visitors to have a clear picture of what you're all about, focusing on one or two core values is a good approach.

Unfortunately, not every facet of your business can be captured in a good video. Begin by determining which values are most appropriate for the compelling narrative you want to tell.

If you're going to recount the narrative of how your company got started, for example, look into why it all started. Finding a tale that is distinctively yours requires figuring out the "why”.

Remember that principles don't have to be blatantly unique; what matters is that they are genuine. They're also a team effort because a business is only as good as its people.

If you can clearly articulate the characteristics that distinguish your firm, your culture video will significantly benefit from expressing those values.

Write The Script

Even though your video will represent the day-to-day operations of your firm, you will need to prepare a polished script. One you'll use to lay out the framework of your film and direct the flow of the entire thing.

Utilizing the power of narrative is the key to writing a good script. We've been communicating via stories with real people and emotions since the dawn of time. Create a three-act framework for your message - a setup, a development, and a conclusion.

Cast Real Employees

This is why you wanted to create a business culture video in the first place - to show your customers the emotional element of the products or services they like.

You'll almost certainly wind up with a callous video if you utilize actors. Ignore the likelihood that your audience may notice (which they will). What do you anticipate your workers' reactions will be?

The purpose of corporate culture videos is to provide an authentic look at your organization.

Approach employees in important departments that are relevant to the piece you're creating and ask if they'd want to participate, or ask them to pick a few people to represent them in the piece collectively.

If you're having trouble finding someone who reflects your corporate values, it's possible that those ideals aren't all that real, and you should reevaluate your approach.

Technical Requirements

Inserts and visuals combined with narration and interview recordings are used in the majority of culture videos. We'll deal with interviews later because they may be difficult. Let's start with the mechanics and bolts of putting together your cultural video.


We live in an age where technology is easily available, so acquiring the equipment you'll need to shoot your video shouldn't be a problem. There are, however, a few "tiers of entrance" via which you might approach this.

Obtaining all of this equipment above the basic level may be too expensive and unwise. Instead, try renting it or employing fully equipped video-producing services.

You'll also want to utilize motion graphics and inserts to tie the whole thing together, which you may outsource.

Location And Process

It's entirely up to you and your video's demands when it comes to recording places. Many culture videos incorporate footage from live events or active work environments. Interviews should be conducted in well-lit areas with few distractions.

Ideally, the interviewee should be framed from two angles: front and angled side. This enables you to change the angle of the finished piece and make it more dynamic.

If you're shooting on location, keep in mind that getting the gear and crew there might be difficult. If you want to record for more than a day, you'll also need to think about how you'll keep the equipment safe.

3 Best Practices For Creating A Company Culture Video

1. Try To Tell A Story

Asking and answering questions that begin with "Why?" is a wonderful method to define your brand narrative.

What motivates you to do what you do? What makes people want to collaborate with you? Why are your consumers so devoted to you? Why should anybody else be concerned about it? Apart from these, "Why do you work here?" is a good question to ask your workers.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can create a video tale that exemplifies who you are as a business while also highlighting your mission. Then you can utilize your script to create a story that draws people closer to your business in a fun and engaging way.

2. Be Honest

A culture video must, above all, be truthful. Employees should not be forced to do or say things about their employer with which they do not completely agree.

For a sketch-type video, it's fine to write a line-by-line screenplay. However, if you're asking workers to speak about their own experiences, your script should be restricted to the questions you'll ask.

Make sure your video has the appropriate tone for your company. Don't claim to care about work-life balance if you're going to push workers to work a lot of overtime. Emphasize the qualities that make you appealing and distinctive.

3. Don’t Try To Sell

It's not about your product - it's about your people and culture. Although your goods or services may feature in your video, this is not the place to explain why consumers should buy. Instead, you want to pique people's interests. A culture video should pique people's interest in learning more about your company.

Final Takeaways

Culture videos are valuable additions to your recruitment arsenal. The barrier to entry is minimal, thanks to a plethora of free video editing software programs for beginners. It's a one-of-a-kind method to introduce potential employees and others to your workplace.

However, if you want these videos to help you develop your brand, make sure you show off your company's individuality.

You're still employed by your employer for a reason. Allow your video to persuade future team members to follow suit. Most importantly, try to be as authentic as possible. It's the only way you'll get loyal employees and customers.

…. And scene!